Visit the San Juan Shrine


Deep in the Rio Grande Valley, the San Juan de Valle Bascilica Shrine is a sacred site well worth a visit, a landmark that attracts pilgrims and visitors from near and far, including a number of  countries around the world. Discover the history of this amazing place and discover its mysteries.                        MORE

Check Out Some Wild and Crazy RV Designs!


When it comes to creative RV designs and concepts, there is plenty of diversity, from the sublime to the comfortable to downright far out and crazy! We have scoured the Internet to come up with some really cool examples of RV rigs that are both interesting and - well - perhaps some of them are a little crazy. But you'll enjoy the sights when you explore our special feature!             So - let's get started!                  MORE

Preparing Thanksgiving Meal in a smaller RV


It's not an easy task, putting together a big holiday meal in a small kitchen. But it is possible, and it can be easier than you think. We've got you covered with tips and alternative ideas that could help you put together a great Thanksgiving meal in a small motorcoach or fifth wheel kitchen.  Disover more.  MORE

Discover the Best Texas Hill Country Adventures for 2018


With so many great destinations in Texas, choosing the best is difficult. But the Texas Hill Country is a region that offers many places and attractions that are hard to beat. This year, check out our picks for some of the best places to discover in the pristine Texas Hill Country! Get ready for an adventure!                   MORE

Get Ready for a Haunted Adventure - Texas Style!


You might have heard of the Book of the Dead before, but chances are you have never read th3e book kept behind the hotel clerk's desk at one of Texas' most historic and haunted hotels. Book a room in Jefferson, Tx, and read the book written by hotel guest and learn of their ghostly experiences at at the Jefferson Hotel - a perfect Oct. adventure! MORE

Will the Texas Coast Be Ready After Hurricane?


Many Winter Texans want to know the impact of Hurricane Harvey and whether the 2017-2018 winter visitor season will open as usual for business. Check out the latest updates and watch for news about your favorite destination. HINT: Get ready to travel!              MORE

The Ghosts of Fort Brown


The season of the long shadows are upon us, and that means it's time to brush off your best ghost story to share with family and friends. Here's one that is not only real, it can be experienced! Way down on the tip of Texas, next to the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico, the UTB-RGV Campus offers a real course in Texas history. Discover the secrets of fallen soldiers. MORE

Garden of Eden in Texas


Some call it paradise, others simply call it their favorite playground, but in the western part of the famous Texas Hill Country stands a monument to nature, a pristine area noted for its clear rivers, majestic hills, beautiful landscapes amd abundant wildlife. What a great place to winter! MORE

Travel Trouble in Mexico


Mexico is full of wonderful sites, people and culture. But the latest U.S. State Dept. Travel Warning brings to light the current risks of visiting some border areas. We try to keep you posted on the latest. Here is our take on visiting historic Matamoros. Be aware and be careful. Read about it here.          MORE

The ALL NEW-Revised Senior Medical Guide


Fall and winter season is flu season and our thoughts turn to getting healthy and staying healthy. We've got you covered! Our medical guide offers articles about illness, wellness and resources to help you get fit, live well, and find information and resources about medical conditions - plus provider information by region in your favorite winter destination. Check it out today.   MORE

Discover Fun and Comfort at a Great Senior Resort


You have worked hard your entire life - put on a lot of miles, fixed a lot of leaky faucets. Now you're retired and you deserve the good life. Can you afford to live like a king? Which resort to choose? Discover how you too can get on the wagon and enjoy senior life in a great Senior Resort. Explore the  possibilities and the adventure that awaits you in our guide!      MORE

A Place Time Forgot


There is a place in Texas that time has all but forgotten; an ageless island that remains wild and unspoiled. It is on the longest barrier island in the world and better know as Padre Island National Seashore, a treasure that deserves a visit by every visitor to the Texas coast. Read about it and watch the video and discover Texas unspoiled, where hidden treasure abounds.  MORE

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Saving the Kemp ridley Turtles of the Texas Coast


The Texas coast is one of the most dangerous places in the world for nesting and migrating Kemp's ridley sea turtles. And it is the only U.S. nesting site for the species. But thanks to caring turtles lovers, these graceful creatures are getting a breath of life in their struggle. Read about the efforts and consider getting involved this winter season.  MORE

Observe International Drug Overdose Day...Save a Life!

Drug overdose respects no age barrier. Young and old alike can easily fall victim to a tragedy. Accidental or not, you can save a life, perhaps your own, by being aware of the risks and dangers  MORE

The Mysteries of Big Bend

It's remote, often lonely, and far from the maddening crowds. Big Bend National Park in West Texas offers wide open spaces, clean air, high adventure and indescribable sunsets. But the history and mystery of this pristine high desert getaway may be its greatest asset and appeal. Discover the Ghosts and spirits of the great Chisos Mountains where fable and legends were born - and lost. MORE

New Book Looks at RV History

RVing has long been a favorite of the American traveler. A new Book by author Patrick Foster takes the reader on walk back through times, 80-plus years when the first Airstream 'trailer' rolled off the line giving a major boost to the recreational vehicle industry. Taking a road trip or family vacation in an Airstream was at the top of the list for many. The illustrated book is now available! MORE

The Texas Jazz Fest Marks 56th Year on the Coast


Thousands gathered in Corpus Christi;s downtown Sea and Entertainment Districts to mark the 56th annual year of the Texas Jazz Festival, staged Oct. 21-23, 2016 for three days of world class jazz. Over sixty performing artists and groups performed on three outdoor stages in historic Heritage Park, an area noted for the oldest (restored) homes of the coastal city.  Saxophonist Tom Braxton headlined the show Saturday  night.   MORE

The Sweetness of Tree-ripened Texas Citrus


Anytime of year is a great time for a tasty, healthy and tall glass of sweet, fresh-squeezed orange juice from the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  But November through February is the best time for the full sweetness of Texas most juicy fruit, the oranges and Ruby Red grapefruit that have made South Texas famous. Grab a case and send them for the holidays, or just a grab a couple of boxes and taste the sweet nectar of liquid sunshine - perfect for the season.       MORE

Mexico Border Towns:

Is it Safe to Cross Over?

It's a question that comes up every fall/winter travel season. Is it safe to cross into Texas-Mexican border towns? While we always advise to be cautious and check local conditions before you cross, along with following some general rules of street safety, but this year crime and violence seems to declining in some border towns. But you need to know where to go and where to avoid. Check out our latest report for 2016-17 season.  MORE

TEXAS: The Road to Revolution

Texas history is rich and deep and often complicated by conflicting reports of truths, half-truths and fables - like most of history. But the road to freedom in the early 1800's is a tale worth telling; the hardships of living in a land where the religion, the language, traditions and culture were very different and a place where danger from outlaws, thieves, ambitions and renegades lurked around every corner. Mar 2 each marks the anniversary of Texas Independence. Discover great events and places to celebrate!  MORE

World Championship: Texas BBQ

Who doesn't like good Barbecue? It's a no-brainer and if you miss this year's World Championship Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston, you're missing out on some of the best BBQ the world over!


The big affair runs Feb. 26-27 and is the huge pre-party of the opening of the 2016 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the largest show & rodeo spectacle in the world. For three days before that huge show starts though is a time for feating! Contestants vie for national honors in several categories. In addition, there are live music venues, watering holes and a Garden area where you eat, mingle, listen to live music and dance the nights away. Come on out and sink your teeth in some of the best BBQ to ever cross a smoking pit!   MORE

Rodeo Time in Texas

Dust off your Stetson and Polish up your Tony Lamas cuz it's bronc bustin' and bull ridin' time down in Texas! The opening of the Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo kicked off the season in January and the San Antonio Livestock Show/Rodeo and others are quick to follow. Texas is big on livestock shows and exhibitions, and rodeo is just plain a part of a Texan's natural DNA. So why not act like a Texan and make plans on taking in some rodeo time. Find the biggest and the best!  Choose one.

Carnival Texas Style!

You don't need to travel east across the Louisiana line to find a great street party for Mardi Gras. Just head to the Upper Texas Coast and join the fun ten days of carnival Texas style at Galveston Island's annual Mardis Gras extravaganza downtown. This year 30,000 are expected to make the trip. Twenty two parades, balcony parties, Krewe competitions, concerts out the ying yang! Spend your Chinese New Year celebrating Victorian style in Texas most historic City. It starts Jan 29!  MORE

Texas Citrus Fiesta!

Texas ruby red grapefruit and sweet Texas oranges; Valley lemons and fresh vegetables. The Texas Rio Grande Valley is famous for a lot of fresh grown food, but the annual Texas Citrus Fiesta is one of the most traditional festivals that celebrates the goodness that comes with the tradition of growing the sweetest fruit in the world. It happens each year in Mission, Texas, and this years festival gets underway in late January. Check the schedule and guide and get ready!. MORE

Visit Historic Goliad!

The history of Texas is rich, and there are few places better to discover it than the historic community of Goliad! Visit the famous La Bahia and relive the longest seige in American military history, and also the nearby  Goliad State Park.  MORE


Glamp or Camp?

More and more Winter Texans are enjoying the new trend in camping - glamping! While the great outdoors are wonderful to enjoy, for some it's a little hard to give up the comforts of home. But glamping gives you the chance to do both.  MORE


The Comfort Foods of Texas

There's nothing that brings fast  comfort like the comfort food s we most enjoy. Check out our list of the Top Ten comfort foods of Texas and enjoy them on your next visit, or cook them in your kitchen and discover real comfort!  MORE


History of the Poinsettia

We celebrate the Christmas holiday in many ways, including decorating our homes and gardens with the flower that has come to be known as the Christmas flower. But where it did it come from? And what is the story behind the flower?  MORE


Attraction in Matamoros

Brownsville's sister city, Matamoros - just across the Mexican border - is full of rich history and attractions for the adventurous. Museums, cathedrals, parks, a great golf course and other attractions await visitors who walk across the border.  MORE


Best BBQ Joints & Wurst

The German word for sausage is 'wurst', and Texas may well have the best. Also the best BBQ joints! But don't take our word for it. Check out our seasonal picks for the best and wurst Texas has to offer and get ready for some really good eats!  MORE


Safety First at the Border

Is it safe for winter visitors to cross the Texas-Mexico border? The answer is yes and no. But we have some sound advice for those enjoy shopping, and visiting Mexican border towns. On how to be safe and wise. Check out the details in this report. MORE


The Lighthouses of Texas

They are stoic, always on guard, and for many, remnants of mariner-days-gone-by. But lighthouses have always demanded the attention of travelers, old and new, and on the Texas Gulf Coast you'll find many of these great structures to enjoy.  MORE


Friendly Ghost of the USS Lex

He's a friendly ghost, or so most say, one that helps guide tours through the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. Some say he guards over his old ship, the carrier that refused to stay sunk. But no one seems frightened away. MORE


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To Explore the Best

Kept Secrets of Mexico

German Uboats in the Gulf!

In the early days of the 1940s, German uboats were dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico to disrupt shipping traffic as America resupplied its allies.  Read the story about the fear of coastal residents and the threat of the uboats just off the coast of Texas.  MORE


Don't Miss the Bird Fest!

It's going to be another great year for birding in the Lone Star State. The annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival is back and better than ever before with seminars and trips and nature destinations galore. Get ready to head to the valley.  MORE


Best of the Best Mexican Food

No can accuse us of not always being on the lookout for the best eats in Texas! When it comes to Mexican food, we're giving the nod to Mole! in Corpus Christi. Check out the cuisine of Central and Southern Mexico and don't forget to try the desserts!  MORE








To Explore the Best

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