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 Winter Texans Online has provided useful information to winter visitors since 1997 with well over 1,000 pages  of content including articles and resources about wintering in Texas. The website reaches thousands of  unique visitors daily. The website maintains top rankings in all major search engines.


This year the site represents a redesign and new look providing more resourceful and entertaining material, including  our new comprehensive redesigned directories.



In the 2014 Winter Season, over 82% of Winter Texans had an Internet Subscription, 74% spent a ½ hour each day emailing and 80% considered information most important and gratifying. 85% of Winter Texans make on line purchases or on line buying decisions regularly.


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Hill Country Account Executive: Rick Mallard





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available annual all pages and

seasonally on community pages.

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available annual  front  page only.

Winter rentals directory listings

Private owners $50

Rental agencies $75


All Directory Ads/Pix

215 x 215, some directories have text. For Directory Ad rates contact us.


Event Calendar graphic ad

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Event text listings are free as space permits for non-profits/historical foundations and organizations and free public events. Only phone numbers will be listed for profit events if they are not advertising.

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