If you are looking for a land of perpetual summer, Alamo is your place. The town has actually been nicknamed, "The Land of two Summers". Because of it's long warm season it has the preferred winter getaway for many or our Winter Texan friends and Snow birds. A relatively small town population but is close by to two other small Rio Grande Valley communities of San Juan and Pharr. These three communities make up the mid-valley region of the Rio Grande Valley and are also within a ten minute drive of the largest city in the valley, McAllen, Texas.


This area of the valley which used to be predominantly agricultural and know for it's orange groves, is now more of a suburb of McAllen. While there are still many agricultural operations in this area, it is no longer it's primary business. The town's name, Alamo, came from the Alamo Land and Sugar company who set up operation in the area in the early 1900's, the town was formed in 1924. Today the original business headquarters, The Alamo Land & Sugar building now houses Alamo Inn, a birding bookshop and doctor's offices.


The community is not only known for it's natural beauty but for it's interesting history as well, long before it was named Alamo, it was inhabited by the primitive Karankawa Indians. Later it came under the rule of Mexico and was settled by Spanish Land grant recipients in the 1700's. The area then was called, "Agostadero de Alamo" (Pasture of the Cottonwood Trees), which grew along the Rio Grande River. The original Spanish migrants started cattle ranching in this area and it wasn't until later that it became an important agricultural zone for the state of Texas.


Perhaps one of the most famous nearby attractions to Alamo, is the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. The parks varied animal life includes some 400 species of birds, half the butterfly species found in North America, and rare species such as the endangered and beautiful ocelot and indigo snake.


During the winter a passenger tram runs through the refuge three times a day, with an excellent guide to explain the history and wildlife and fauna of the park. It's an excellent place for walkers to enjoy hiking the many trails through the refuge.


Whether you take a day trip to Alamo or stay for a season, it's a great place to pass the time!


Alamo Attractions:

Alamo Land & Sugar Building

Saint Joseph's Catholic Church

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Sunderland Cactus Garden