Holiday on the Riverwalk

Anytime is a great time to visit Texas' River City. But the winter holidays are extra special on the famed San Antonio Riverwalk and a perfect destination for the cool weather season. Enjoy the Christmas lights and dine on the river! MORE


Dickens on the Strand

It happens in the historic Galveston  Strand District. thousand flock to the Upper Coast region to celebrate the holidays with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future in true London style! Join the fun at the Dicken's Fest!  MORE


Very FIRST Thanksgiving!

You might be surprised to discover the first Thanksgiving celebrated on American soil wasn't at Plymouth Rock, but in West Texas! Seriously! It happened between the Spanish explorers and Pueblo Indians living on the Rio Grande River.  MORE


Holiday Humor: Turkey Talk

It's that time a year again! The annual Thanksgiving feast is being planned, company is coming for the holiday and most of us are scrambling to finalize shopping chores and cooking for big day. Take a break, you need a good laugh.  MORE


German Uboats in the Gulf!

In the early days of the 1940s, German uboats were dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico to disrupt shipping traffic as America resupplied its allies.  Read the story about the fear of coastal residents and the threat of the uboats just off the coast of Texas.  MORE

Texas Renaisance Faire

It's the largest Renaissance Fair in the nation and you're invited to get in on the fun! Oct. and Nov. is the perfect time to enjoy the Texas piney woods region north of Houston for a fair that is always extraordinaire! Get ready for the faire!  MORE

Remember Pearl Harbor!

It was a Day of Infamy, and one every American will always remember.  Do it in style this year at Fredericksburg's Admiral Nimitz Center. Take a walk back through history with this feature that helps us to remember that day of infamy. MORE

The Haunted Jefferson Hotel

It's a great place to stay.  A place to headquarter from for shopping for antiques or gifts, to explore the forested Caddo country and enjoy all East Texas has to offer. But beware. There be ghosts in Jefferson. Read the Book of the Dead, if you dare. MORE


The Lighthouses of Texas

Standing guard like centurions of the shoreline, lighthouses have guided mariners to shore safely for thousands of years. Now they stand more as museums, but still with a purpose: to preserve the history and romance of a time long gone. Visit the Texas coast and these special lighthouses. MORE

Romancing the Coast

Looking for a romantic getaway in a very special place? Look no further than the Texas coast. Discover La Casita B&B in the Coastal Bend and plan that special weekend away with that special person in your life. the beaches, the charm and the culture await by the bay. MORE

Friendly Ghost of the USS Lex

He's a friendly ghost, or so most say, one that helps guide tours through the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. Some say he guards over his old ship, the carrier that refused to stay sunk. But no one seems frightened away. MORE

Grape Harvest Time in Texas

Fall is the perfect time to drive down Texas' highways and back roads to visit the productive and seductive winneries that dot the countryside, especially in the Central Texas Hill Country. It's harvest time and the fruit of the vine is irresistible! Come join the fun. MORE

The Art of Senior Love

Who said that age takes away from ronance in a relationship? Nothing could be further from the truth! If you are struggling to keep the flames of passion burning, check out our advise and thoughts on the issue. Seniors, of all people, can appreciate love in the first degree! MORE

It's a spectacle that happens every holiday season, and one you don't  want to miss. Christmas on the River Walk is San Antonio's premiere event that offers thousands of lights strewn across the downtown River Walk, a Holiday boat parade, lighting of the luminaries ad so much more. Get ready fo the holidays! MORE

Best of the Best Mexican Food

No can accuse us of not always being on the lookout for the best eats in Texas! When it comes to Mexican food, we're giving the nod to Mole! in Corpus Christi. Check out the cuisine of Central and Southern Mexico and don't forget to try the desserts!  MORE

Saving the turtles of Padre

Endangered and protected, the Kemp Ridley turtles of the Texas coast are great creatures. Learn about how you can help the turtles at South Padre Island's Sea Turtle, Inc., and join others who are 'working for the turtles' year round.  MORE

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