Carolling Down the

San Antonio River Walk

WHEN: November 30 - December 18, 2016  from 6:15PM - 9:30PM nightly


WHERE: Starts at Embassy Suites (River Level). Barges will make 1 lap around the River Walk horseshoe bend

Once again the Magical River Walk in San Antonio comes alive with holiday spirit as floating carolers serenade downtown visitors who have gathered under the lights for dinner or cocktails and the festive spirit of the Holidays in Central Texas.


If you have come to Texas to escape the snow and the cold, you'll enjoy a stroll down the San Antonio River Walk at night during the Christmas season. Sure, the twilight temps can still drop to chilly numbers, but instead of snow, you're covered in thousands of twinkling Christmas lights and luminarias, or farrolitos, that line the banks of the river and the bridges across the water.


But holiday seekers to the Alamo City have come for more than just the lights and candles. December  is the month that organized carolers board San Antonio River barges to float down the river between the crowded banks with a song in their hearts and a holiday message they share freely with any and all that will listen. And the people come each night in great numbers to celebrate the joyous season!


Park yourself at one of the city's great River Walk restaurants or clubs during the holidays and you can't miss this annual spectacle that brings rural charm to the inner-city and plenty of holiday cheer to lift your spirit. Enjoy the unique downtown of one of America's most historical cities and create new memories!


A constant feature of the San Antonio River Walk is the sightseeing river boats that take visitors for a cruise down the river just about any time of year. But with the holiday season, the boats become floating entertainment platforms. The River Walk echoes with sounds of the holiday season during its annual Holiday Boat Caroling event. Complemented by spectacular lighting, boatloads of singers, bell choirs and mariachi groups will entertain River Walk patrons with traditional holiday songs.


Pick a favorite restaurant with a patio seat near the river front and prepare for some real innovative holiday fun. And don't be surprised to find yourself singing along with the carolers. On a good weekend night, it's more than charming to hear boat carolers joined by their audience for a good song to celebrate the season.