The Jewel of the Texas Coast


Square in the heart of the Texas Riviera stands the City of Corpus Christi, a community that is both cosmopolitan and down-home friendly.


In Corpus Christi you will find smooth sea breezes and endless blue skies year-round. A Corpus Christi vacation features a bay front promenade, an arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants and an entertaining nightlife...all within walking distance from first-rate hotels. You'll also find golf galore, plentiful shopping and beautiful beaches.


A remarkably beautiful city, Corpus has been a favorite coastal destination for as long as any one can remember, and more than just a few Winter Texans call it home during the harsh months of the winter season.


A subtropical climate and the beautiful sunny beaches of North Padre Island and Port Aransas offer outstanding coastal and water-related activities, and the city is known for its many fine restaurants and clubs in the historic downtown district.


As it always has, the community has a lasting relationship with the warm Gulf of Mexico. Still a popular seaport, Corpus has long served the needs of Texas, including during the dark days of the Civil War.


Fishing remains a major enterprise, including a large scale shrimping fleet that fishes out of Corpus and surrounding bays and Gulf waters.


Attractions include a comprehensive museum system, the nearly deserted beaches of North Padre Island, a healthy theater and music community, several state parks and recreation areas, the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington, a retired U.S. Navy aircraft carrier permanently harbored in Corpus Christi Bay.


The ship is open to the public for touring and is the scene for many Winter Texan-oriented events including dances and theme programs.


The city's museum system offers a great opportunity to spend a day - or a week. The Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History, the South Texas Institute for the Arts, the Texas State Museum of Asian Culture and the Selena Museum offer plenty of enjoyment during your stay.


The Corpus Christi Greyhound Race Track, the art and music community, the abundant water sport activities on the bay, and a warm, friendly city all make for a perfect Texas getaway, not to mention some of the best seafood on the Gulf.


Whether you're making Corpus your home-away-from-home or just want a remarkable Texas destination to visit, any time of year is a good time of year for this beautiful and friendly community.



The Texas State Aquarium

One of the most progressive state aquariums in the nation, the Texas State Aquarium offers attractive facilities and comprehensive educational and awareness programs, including volunteer projects. This is a "don't miss" attraction offering a full schedule of activities and events.


USS Lexington

The Lady Lex aircraft carrier is the center of attention in the harbor bridge area - day or night. Climb aboard for a trip back in time on this floating museum and enjoy the exhibits. The Lex is now retired from the U.S. Navy and operated mostly by a volunteer staff.


Padre Island National Seashore

Just a few miles south of the city starts a long stretch of pristine sand dunes and uncrowded beaches, and the ebb and flow of Gulf surf as it crashes onto this 50-mile plus barrier island. Welcome to Padre Island National Seashore where nature and the public can meet.


Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

If you drive in the Harbor bridge area of the city you can't miss the towering Spanish tall ships on exhibit at this museum. Take the time to explore this quality museum as it offers a wide variety of topics of interest, including local and regional history.


South Texas Institute for the Arts

Taking its place as a prominent structure on the Corpus Christi shoreline, this art complex has been undergoing major expansion. Added to the existing quality museum of art is a comprehensive structure that will serve as both an educational institute for the arts and as additional exhibit space for the growing art community.


Harbor Playhouse

Located near the Museum of Science and History and under the harbor bridge, this unique local playhouse offers a creative and entertaining line up of stage productions. Check the schedule for the latest performance and take the time to enjoy the performing arts on the bay front.


Selena Museum

With fans from around the world showing up at the family business, Abraham Quintanilla decided to build a museum honoring his daughter's memory to please her fans. The museum displays outfits and dresses Selena wore at concerts and award shows, which were designed by her.


Port of Corpus Christi

When strolling around the harbor bridge area, take in the observation deck constructed on the ship channel. You can watch many of the international seafaring freighters and tankers up close as they parade by under the bridge and into the harbor.


Concrete Street Amphitheater

Offering top name concert performers and shows year round, this live music venue offers three stages in an outdoor environment, the perfect way to take in the mild Corpus Christi weather. Check the schedule for upcoming events.


Water Street Market

When cruising the downtown (bay front) area of the city, you'll want to take in both the entertainment district and the Market Street Market area. Night life abounds in the Entertainment district (Chaparral Street) after dark with clubs like the Executive Surf Club, Sharkey's, Doctor Rockits, and others. The Market offers casual and interesting shopping opportunities and a chance to take in some great seafood at Water Street Oyster Bar.


American Bank Performing Arts Center

Whether it's a major convention, the circus, a symphony orchestra or a major concert performance, the new American Bank Center offers spacious facilities for every occasion. Next door to the Selena Auditorium, the facility is a first class addition to the city's conference and convention offerings.

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