Traveling Texas is a breeze if you know the right places to stay when on the road. And in Texas, like everything else, our lodge and inn offerings are BIG! We can't list them all, but we can list some of our favorite places to stay in Texas. Navigate to the appropriate region and find a Winter Texan-friendly place to stay the next time you're in the area.


Featured here in the top photo is the beautiful Emily Morgan Hotel which sits right next to...THE ALAMO!! Right in the heart of San Antonio. Now that is truly getting a Texas Winter Texan Vacation bucket list item done in style! The hotel is named for the famous and beautiful women slave who supposedly helped bring Santa Ana to his defeat!


From Big Cities, to island getaways, there is a perfect hotel for every taste and pocket book.


Why not stay somewhere interesting and beautiful. Check out the Tarpon Inn in Port Aransas, this historical and classic beach hotel actually ranks as one of the finest beach hotels in the state. President Roosevelt loved staying here on several of his fishing trips to the coast. It also has one of the BEST restaurants on the island!


Check out the hotel offerings by region above!

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