How to cook a Thanksgiving

meal when traveling or living

in your Recreational Vehicle

With the early Winter Texan season beginning and the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, many RVers are once again hitting the road and trying to plan out their Thanksgiving meal either on the road or at their destination RV park. And let's be honest, depending on your rig and how extensive your Thanksgiving menu will be, cooking inside your RV may be a challenge.


In smaller and perhaps older rigs, kitchen size can be a limiting factor when putting on a full-spread menu like a major holiday meal. For one, there may not be enough oven space, or the number of burners on your stove top may be limiting.


For many RV travelers, special holiday occasions offers a perfect time to visit with family or friends in their warm and cozy homes. Others may choose to eat out at a favorite restaurant that offers a great holiday spread. Such a choice certainly cuts down on the amount of clean up and left-over storage of food you would need to worry about!

But if you are a traditionalist and really enjoy that home-cooked meal, even if you are limited by kitchen space, a little creative cooking may come to your rescue -- if you're willing to adjust the way you do things.


For example, you could consider adjusting your menu so as to limit oven use by increasing the number of food items prepared either on the stove top or (heaven forbid!) in your microwave.  With the use of a dutch oven, for example, you may be able to prepare  the dressing for your bird instead of using the turkey-occupied conventional oven.


You may also want to cook your meal over 2-3 days of preparation so as to cut down on oven demand on Thanksgiving day. This is probably one of the most "go-to" methods of prepare more complex meals inside a fifth-wheel or smaller motorcoach. It may create a problem with limited storage space once your menu items are cooked and require refrigeration, depending on the size of your refrigeration storage capacity.


But these are not the only alternatives you have when it comes to preparing that special holiday meal. It is possible, depending on your menu, to actually cook the entire meal outdoors, weather permitting. Our friends over at CottageLife DIY have put together a handy video that illustrates how your entire meal can be prepared over an open fire. Check it out:

If cooking outside doesn't tickle your fancy but you are still concerned about cooking in your RV with limited  appliance and sink space, consider a smaller, more simple meal. There is a handy holiday-ish meal that can be prepared that doesn't require a lot of cooking and is perfect in size for one or two people., as you'll see in this handy video from GraceBeforeMeal:

Regardless what your menu may or may not include, the number of dinner guests you plan on having, or wjether you prepare your meal indoors, outdoors, or on the road, here's wishing you and yours the best holiday season possible. Happy Thanksgiving from the crew and sponsors of!

Happy Holidays to all - and welcome back Winter Visitors!