Being just 10 miles from the border of Mexico and 15 miles from South Padre Island has given this community a unique and interesting character. In fact this area along the Rio Grande River and the Gulf of Mexico played a significant role in both the US-Mexican War and the American Civil War. The plain of Palo Alto (tall timber) just five miles South of town was the site of the opening battle of the war between the cU.S. and Mexico in 1846. Years later, Palmito Ranch located just South East of town was the site of the last battle of the Civil War, after most Confederate armies had already surrendered in 1865.


While our state and nation grew the area was a large agricultural area and many vaqueros (mexican cowboys) came to work on cattle ranches and work the citrus industry. Rodeos, 4H activities and farming operations have been a mainstay for the town but more and more of the land is being developed for homes and businesses for the growing communities of Brownsville and South Padre Island.


You can still get the feel of an older Texas coastal farming community, for the most part long lost with the encroachment of tourism and development. In Los Fresnos, people still acknowledge neighbors and visitors, and there is a charming attitude towards community you can't find much anymore.


A drive through the community's residential areas gives the visitor an unexpected treat, brightly covered trees (many of them orange and grapefruit trees) and well-kept yards with tropical landscapes.


Just before you get to Los Fresnos you will want to make a point of visiting Casa Los  Ebanos, which is now a retreat resort and a bird & butterfly farm.


Besides the PRCA Rodeo one of the towns biggest celebrations revolve around the King....there's only one...Elvis! Little Graceland Museum has an interesting connection to the King and has two annual Elvis festivals each year you won't want to miss.


There are a number of great restaurants and shops in town that deserve your discovery, and don't leave town without checking out some of the fresh produce stands along the highway!

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