Gateway to the Texas Highland Lake


There are a lot of great communities in Texas, but Marble Falls, located on the shores of Lake Marble Falls in the Highland lakes region of Central Texas, is a uniquely different and wonderful travel destination, offering the best of rural Texas while keeping close ties with the Austin Metroplex just a short distance (50 miles) north of the city.


Surrounded by great lakes for fishing and boating, and with five outstanding golf courses, Marble Falls is both a great vacation resort and a productive bustling town. With its wide variety of high quality shops and professional services, Marble Falls is the center for commercial and recreational activity for a large, productive, rural area.


Marble Falls' name -- in fact, its very existence -- is rooted deeply in the fabled rock of the Texas Hill Country. A 20-foot fall in the Colorado River over marble ledges gave rise to the name, but it was the huge stone monolith called Granite Mountain looming on the town's western edge that secured Marble Falls' place in Texas history.


It was here that the famed pink granite of the State Capitol Building was quarried, a donation from progressive area citizens in exchange for a rail connection with Austin.


Today, the natural assets of prized rock and rolling river are still combining with progressive citizens to make the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ area one of the most attractive and popular in all of Texas.


From a cornerstone in the State Capitol to the Cornerstone of the Highland Lakes, Marble Falls' future is as rock-solid as its past.


Marble Falls sits in the middle of the largest chain of lakes in Texas -- the Highland Lakes of Buchanan, Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls, Travis and Austin. With hundreds of miles of waterway, they offer every imaginable type of lake-lover's recreational activity. There's power boating, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, diving, sunbathing and fishing...and there's time enough, and lake enough, to fit it all in.


There's a popular scientific theory that the area around the Highland Lakes is the "oldest dry land on earth", formed when the Llano Uplift first broke through the ocean's surface.


Today, area rock formations continue to hold popular fascination for visitors -- both above and below the earth as well.


Nearby Enchanted Rock State Park lets you climb to the top of the second-largest granite dome (batholith) in the United States while a short drive to Longhorn Cavern lets you descend to the cool depths of limestone caves cut by prehistoric rivers.


For a weekend, winter season or a lifetime, Marble Falls has a lot to offer. For more information, visit the Marble Falls-Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce Web Site.

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