If you're planning on crossing the border this year and are looking for place that not only provides your usual activities, like shopping and dining, you might take a closer look at the many attractions of Matamoros, Mexico, the sister city of Brownsville on the very tip of Texas.


Great museums, a historic theatre and more await for the border traveler.


Cathedral De Nuestra Señora del Refugio

(Cathedral of Our lady of Refuge )

Standing tall in the heart of Matamoros, this beautiful cathedral is an attraction not to be missed. It sits across from the city square and the main plaza, so as you visit historic downtown, stop in and enjoy this breathtaking building that has graced the city since the late 1700's. Address: 5 Morelos y Gonzalez, Zona Centro.



Casa Cross

Literally "Cross House," this museum tells the story of when Matamoros was a young commercial town. Built in 1885 by Don Meliton Cross, this museum stands on the corner of 7th Street and Herrera.


Casa Mata Museum

You won't find another museum quite like this one: this historic 1845 icon was part of a series of military forts that proudly defended the city of Matamoros. Learn about the city's battles as well as the intriguing Huasteca history. Located on Guatemala and Santos Degollado. Hours : Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4 pm. Saturdays 8:00-2 pm. Tel: (868) 816-2071.



El Saucito

Truly Matamoros best kept tourists attraction is the state of the art golf course at the "El Saucito" Multi-Sports Club. Located only a few miles south of the border, this 18 hole tropical golf course is bound upgrade your International vacation to the next level.


•18 holes and a tee for practice

• Multiple tees for different levels

•Spacious Fairways

•Wide greens

•Asphalt trails for the Golf Carts

•Automated irrigation system



Teatro Reforma

(Reforma Theater)


This Theater is one of the most important historic locations of Matamoros. It was built during 1830 to 1865. In the same time of the famous General Tomas Mejia and a group of European soldiers who defended the Maximiliano Empire. The Theater rapidly turned into the rich cultural life of the small town. Artist such as Placido Domingo, Pepita Envil (Placido Domingo's parents), Jaime Nuno, and many more performed in the grand Matamoros culture Icon. After being demolished and reconstructed, the Reforma Theater today is the most important host of the Fall Cultural Festival. Address: 6a. Y Abasolo , Zona Centro. Tel: (868) 812-51-20 and (868) 812-51-21.



Plaza de la Constitucion

(Main City Plaza)


If you're looking for a landmark, this is a good one. A defining structure in the City Square, this plaza is always abuzz with people and activity. The Plaza at Christmas time: Don't miss the Plaza during this festive time. With the use of lights and decoration it undergoes an annual transformation and adds a little magic to the City Square.



Playa Bagdad

Matamoros beach is located about 35 Kilometers east from the bridge. There are not many hotels but one can enjoy restaurants, and fun entertainment.



Mercado Juarez

(Juarez Market)


The Juarez Market is truly a feast for the senses. Built in 1841, it is only four blocks form the City Plaza and Cathedral, and you won't believe the sights, sounds, and smells of all the local goods. Specialty leather clothing and boots & hand tooled jewelry. Abasolo entre 9 y 10 #57.


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