Health and Medical Resources

Heart Health

Keeping the heart healthy in your senior years. Don't be taken by surprise! Things you should know about good heart health - MORE


New Cataract Treatment

Treating/removing cataracts has become easier thanks to modern advancements in technology. What you should know - MORE


Importance of Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth and gums is more about body health than just a healthy mouth or smile. Avoid risks by taking dental care.   MORE


Chossing Hospital REHAB

After a stay in the hospital, many seniors need time in a REHAB facility. But choosing one to fit your needs is important.    MORE

Living With COPD

Cardiopulmonary lung disease is a difficult condition many seniors face everyday. But not all hope is lost. Learning to live with COPD - MORE


Vein & Vascular Health

Call them the highways and byways of the human body. Taking care of pathways can keep you out of the hospital - and healthy!  MORE


Diabetes and Senior Health

Living with Diabetes isn't easy, especially in your Golden years. Keeping fit when diabetes strikes can make a difference.    MORE


An Ounce of Prevention!

We all know exercise is good for you. But where? What kind? And How much? Our guide might help you find the answers.    MORE

Crohn's Disease

There's nothing fun about being diagnosed with this condition. Things you need to know before or after diagnostics - MORE


Picking the Right DME

From Oxygen to CPAP to all your medical equipment needs, choosing a good provider can make a big difference in your life!  MORE


Migraines and Clusters

Living with severe headaches changes your life! But new treatments are often surfacing. What you can do.   MORE