Most every one has their favorite restaurant in their hometown and most have more than one. But selecting one's absolute favorite is no easy task, especially in a city known for its culinary delights.


Selecting Mole! restaurant in Corpus Christi as our favorite dining experience was no easy task, not because the food and the service and the atmosphere are not deserving of it - they are!  But because being a Native born Texan that lived much of their formative years in San Antonio, it was difficult selecting a 'Mexican restaurant' that was not Tex-Mex at its basic level as the very best of the best in a city known for its Tex-Mex culture.


But as Tex-Mex cuisine has waned in modern times, even in its home state of origin, diversification has come to the culinary arts of the Lone Star State and with it some great and tasty food not common to our boots and buckles lifestyle.


Mole! is a taste of Mexico's famous central and southern regions and offers an entire new take on fine Mexican cuisine. As the name implies, mole, a type of flavorful sauce that actually comes in many styles and varieties,  is central to many of the dishes that owners Edgar and Brooke Montes have brought to South Texas, recipes Edgar credits to his mother who owns and operates a similar restaurant in Queretaro named El Portal.


Thank you Mama Montes!


The tastes, the style and the culinary presentation the Montes' bring to Corpus Christi is more than pleasing, it's absurdly wonderful and delectably delicious. From their signature Mole! dishes - there are four types of mole from which to choose - to their Chicken Cascabel and Salpicon dishes and to my favorite, the die-for poblano sauce dishes, the restaurant offers variety, quality and the perfect atmosphere for any dining occasion.


You'll also discover wonderful Central Mexico tacos El Dorado style, and a host of tasty sopas (soups). My favorite is the corn soup, a specialty perfected in Oaxaca.


And for Winter Texans and all out-of-state visitors unfamiliar with the  wonderful spices of Mexico, there are plenty of choices on the menu toned down to your sensitive palate.


To compliment your dinner, Mole! provides a full service bar and often features special drink prices.  And when it comes to desserts, simply put, there are none better in all of South Texas. Our favorite is the Dulce  de Leche cheescake, but there are several more that are worthing leaving room to include as the perfect topper to your meal.


I have saved the best for last perhaps: Until you have tasted a handmade tortilla from Mole! - different than any tortilla I have ever eaten, and I have eaten thousands of them - you can't begin to imagine the bliss available in a hot round food freshly made and served with a smile.


In short, if you visit Corpus Christi and fail to dine for lunch or dinner - or breakfast on the weekends - at Mole!, then you have made a terrible mistake and missed one of the best culinary attractions in South Texas!


Mole! is both fine dining and casual dining all rolled into one. Come as you are or drop by after a formal affair. It makes no difference,  for the food is consistently delicious and always tastefully prepared, an the service is simply the best. And for a real - and a pleasantly loud treat - dine on a Friday evening and enjoy the serenade of a traditional and talented Mariachi band that adds a little extra spice to your dining experience. We love it and certain you will as well. Spice up you dining experience at Mole!


Mole! -- our choice for best of the best in Corpus Christi for this winter visitor season.

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