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There's a highway in Texas with your name on it, taking you far and wide to remarkable and  interesting destinations that reveal amazing mysteries, fascinating history and wonderful places to spend a day, a week or a lifetime.  From vibrant cities to wide open spaces where the stars twinkle in rhythm with your heart beat, you'll love Texas. From its 400 miles of  beaches to its valleys and canyons, its hill country to its clear rivers and streams, from forest trails to the plains, there's a lot to appreciate in the Lone Star State.

The 2017-2018 Winter Texan

Season and the Impact

of Hurricane Harvey


Feb. 23-25 - Houston

World Bar-B-Que Championship!

It's Rodeo time in Texas, so Cowboy Up and head to the livestock exposition and rodeo near you and  catch some of the best rodeo performances in the world!

Want to camp but don't want to give up

the comforts of home? Don't!

They grow it. pick it drink it, eat it, wear it and build floats with it - and they celebrate it! The Texas Citrus Fiesta in Mission... Jan 28-30, 2016

YUM - Texas comfort foods make you feel good all over! Check it out!

Is Crossing the Mexican Border Safe? Find Out Here!

Discover the Historic

Lighthouses of Texas!