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2016 Fall Season

Features About Traveling Texas


If you're looking for features about Texas. you have come to the right place. Discover the diversity of the Lone Star State, read about special places, cool events, special people, and the rich history of the Lone Star State. Let's get started...

Crossing The Border

Winter visitors enjoy crossing the International bridge into Mexico for shopping dining and more often to fill their prescriptions. But is it safe? We examine the issue in this revealing feature. MORE


Nazi Uboats that Terrorized the Texas Coast

During the early years of World War II, German submarines patrolled just off the Texas coast. The Nazi war machine was attempting to stop the flow of supplies from the U.S. to allies in Europe.  MORE


The Polite Ghost of the USS Lexington

He's a friendly ghost, or so most say, one that helps guide tours through the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. Some say he guards over his old ship, the carrier that refused to stay sunk. But no one seems frightened away.  MORE


History of the Christmas Flower

We celebrate the Christmas holiday in many ways, including decorating our homes and gardens with the flower that has come to be known as the Christmas flower. But where it did it come from? And what is the story behind the flower? MORE


Remembering Pearly Harbor

It was a Day of Infamy, and one every American will always remember.  Do it in style this year at Fredericksburg's Admiral Nimitz Center. Take a walk back through history with this feature that helps us to remember that day of infamy.



Texas Lighthouses

They are stoic, always on guard, and for many, remnants of mariner-days-gone-by. But lighthouses have always demanded the attention of travelers, old and new, and on the Texas Gulf Coast you'll find many of these great structures to enjoy. MORE


Rio Grande Valley Bird Fest

t's going to be another great year for birding in the Lone Star State. The annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival is back and better than ever before with seminars and trips and nature destinations galore. Get ready to head to the valley. MORE


Matamoros Attractions

Brownsville's sister city, Matamoros - just across the Mexican border - is full of rich history and attractions for the adventurous. Museums, cathedrals, parks, a great golf course and other attractions await visitors who walk across the border.



Dickens on the Strand

Every years tens of thousands adorn their best Victorian-era costumes and take to the streets of old historic downtown Galveston for the Annual Dickens on the Strand Festival in December. Celebrate old English style and celebrate Christmas. MORE


Remembering Our Veterans

It started in the early 20th century not long after World War I came to a close, a presidential proclamation establishing a day to honor our men and women of the Armed Services. The tradition continues. Find out about Vet Day events across Texas. MORE