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Is it Safe to Cross the Border?

For many, especially in South Texas, crossing into Mexican border towns offer a chance for filling prescriptions, having dinner and shopping. But is it safe?

Here's our take on the issue of whether to go or not cross...

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Welcome Back Video!

Glad to have you back in the Lone Star state winter visitors! Texas is, of course, your winter home away from home. Click for a larger version!

The Stoic and Historic Lighthouses of the Texas Gulf Coast

Stoic, dependable, historic - the lighthouses of the Texas Gulf coast, like their counterparts in other parts of the world, are more than just reminders of man's great struggle with the sea. They are pillars of hopes past; guideposts for mariners lost in troubled waters; the last and the first site each sailor would see before yielding to the wrath or mercy of prevailing winds and the temporal whims of Mother Nature and Father Sea. Today there remains a few of these great structures, reminders of seafaring days gone by.   Click on the photo for more



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