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Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

Each year millions of winged creatures return to the sunny clime of the Texas Rio Grande Valley, their annual wintering grounds.


Over 500 varieties of birds can be found in the Rio Grande Valley, a virtual birding paradise. As the birds come, so come the birders, many having traveled from the other side of the world, each armed with binoculars, cameras, tripods and field books, visiting such birding hot spots as the World Birding Center’s many RGV outlets, the Atascosa, Sabal Palm Sanctuary and Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuges, as well as many other other natural areas up and down the Valley including the Rio Grande Valley Bosque.


Each fall the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival treats the most dedicated of birdwatchers to a five day birding feast - perhaps we should call it a fest.


You're invited to join in Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival to be headquartered in Harlingen Nov. 4 - 8 at the Municipal Auditorium. A wide array of events will be hosted across some of the most pristine and beautiful nature areas in the Rio Grande Valley. This year's Festival promises to be as rewarding and memorable as ever! With a combination of field trips, workshops, seminars, keynote lectures, children's programs, and a trade show, there is no doubt that there is something for everyone.


The event includes a a series of lectures by some of the top birding experts in the world, and combines plenty of opportunities to visit the birding hot spots of the region. Remember to bring plenty of film/batteries.


One of the highlights of the festival are the many guided birding trips to locations across the Valley, and even into Mexico. Not only can birders visit the real hot spots of the region, but be led by some of the most renowned guides in the birding world. And the participant to guide ratio is one of the best in the nation!


A few of this year’s trip leaders include:

Jon Dunn

Greg Miller

Shawneen Finnegan

Dale Rosselete and Kevin Karlson



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