RV Concepts

When it comes to RV design concepts, there's a great deal of difference and diversity on what makes a good design and what doesn't. It kind of depends on who you ask. There are the futuristic tech-types that just love to come up with designs that are - well, a little 'out of this world' so to speak.


Then there are the nostalgic types, who believe you can't improve on an age-old design concept., like the Airstream enthusiasts that can still be easily found at campgrounds and RV parks all across America.


It doesn't stop there either though. There are the backroads and off-road enthusiasts who want their rig to double as a boat or an airplane or maybe even a spaceship - at least in the way it looks.


We say it takes all types, and not a single one of them are the right choice or the wrong way, no single choice to be made. It comes down to what you like.  From do-it-your-selfers to dedicated factory jobs, there's an RV design out there somewhere to fit just about every Rvers taste. So we put a few of them together for you to review and enjoy.


Up first, a few cool designs and a little background on each, and then (do not fail to scroll to the bottom!), we offer up a photo gallery of RV designs from the sublime and groovy to the far out and ridiculous. Have fun!

U.S. tech company Furrion outdid themselves with their new concept RV camper called Elysium, which they introduced at the 2017 International CES in January.


The camper's roof features a hot tub, lounge area, and a two-passenger helicopter—the Robinson R22 helicopter. (Whenever the RV is on the move, the helicopter is lowered into the bedroom to ensure its safety.) Inside, the cabin is equipped with high-end Furrion appliances, including a refrigerator, oven, wine fridge, three 75 inch TVs, a fireplace, and "smart" bathroom toilets and showers. It's not for sale, however. It's just a "vehicle" for the company to showcase their top new products to customers, as seen at a recent Las Vegas RV show.

Designer Eduard Bohtlingk created the De Markies trailer thirty years ago and it still more than holds up. On the outside, it's a plain-looking, unassuming camper, but that changes when the unit unfurls in all its beautiful glory!


the camper features a full kitchenette with a four-person dinette table. A spacious lounge space inhabits the outer portion, which can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the adjustable awning. When the other wall of the trailer is lowered, it becomes a sleeping dorm with a double bed and two single beds stemming outward from the main room. The design is simple, yet beautiful!

Here's a design that captures both a touch of nostalgia and still offers a futuristic flair. Imagine the Jetsons jetting down Route 66 in this  pull behind beauty!


There the air-stream quality of the design to help cut back on fuel consumption, great portholes that allow plenty of light to filter in the unit, and it's small enough to handle the road yet roomy enough for comfort for two!


Builder Bill Guernsey was sidelined by surgery and channeled his frustration into creating this steampunk "Rocket Camper" made of  wood.

And now, sit back and enjoy these far out designs...