Hidden by beautiful hills and surrounded by clear water streams and rivers, Wimberley is an ideal getaway for those seeking paradise in the Texas Hill Country.


Just a little more than 45 minutes from Austin and an hour away from San Antonio, the Hill Country community of Wimberley is about as close to Heaven as you can get in Texas without leaving the ground.


A year round recreational area, Wimberley is home to retirees and resort owners, with plenty of lodges, bed & breakfast inns, art shops and enough charm to choke a Klingon. But the community's greatest appeal is the art work that Mother nature has made of the countryside.


The Blanco River and Cypress Creek, and other streams that make up the natural watershed surrounding Wimberley, often pool around giant cypress trees, offering plentiful shade and the cool running artisan water that springs out of the ground in a million places.


Ask any Wimberley native or transplant resident and they'll tell you, this is God's Country, and a quick drive down the twisting Hill Country roads and lanes will confirm something supernatural has been at work in this area.


Wimberley has all the things that make Texas towns so appealing – the shady Town Square, the old swimming hole. But proximity to Austin also makes it a laid-back artists’ town, and a couple of dozen galleries and studios showcase the works of resident painters, sculptors, and photographers. You can also find good deals on antiques and crafts on Wimberley’s Market Day, held on the first Saturday of every month.


Nearby stands another Texas landmark - the Devil's backbone - a sharp, razor-like ridge that cuts across the countryside offering scenic vistas of wild and unsettled Texas backcountry.


All throughout the region you'll find abundant river lodges and guest resorts offering a host of services for those that wish to roost for a few days of relaxation and renewal. And shopping on the square is an experience you really can't afford to miss. You'll find all types of unique items available that can cost you either a lot or a little.


And don't forget to bring along your appetite. There's a good selection of quality eateries perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. After hours you can party at a classic Texas roadhouse, appropriately titled the Devil's Backbone Tavern.


Many rural towns had outdoor theatres years ago. Wimberley still has one. The Corral Theatre features first run movies every Friday and Saturday night from Memorial Day through Labor Day. But don't bring your car, though you are invited to bring your own chair.


Call 847-2513 for shows and times.

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